Cognitive Shift, 2014
tripod, stone, 1rpm motor, microphone, speakers, HD-video 1minute loop.
W/Mikko Rikala

Outside the gallery, in a warehouse next to the entrance, a video projection shows a rotating white room. Inside the actual gallery, a stone is rotating on a tripod in the middle of the space, the same spot where the video was shot. From afar the stone seems stagnant, but on closer inspection it is rotating one round per minute, the speed of the second hand of a clock. The stone and the video are silently measuring time without giving any results. Above the stone, a microphone is hanging from the ceiling. Next to the projection, outside the gallery, a pair of loudspeakers are playing the ambient of the exhibition space picked up by the microphone. The sound is looped and played with delay, adding a repetitive echo to the vague humming of the ventilation and to every sound made by the guests wandering inside the gallery.